Before you can use your bot, you have to register it with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Setting up your Concierge, Enterprise or Web Bot with the Bot Framework is a simple process and should only take about 5 minutes.

Step By Step

  1. Starting in the AtBot Admin Portal, on the edit screen for your Enterprise or Web bot, you will see the assigned Messaging endpoint for your bot. Copy this value as it will be needed when registering with Bot Framework.
  2. Navigate to https://portal.azure.com and sign in using an account with a current Azure subscription (be sure this is an account belonging to the AAD tenant, Bot Registrations do not work with outside accounts that have been given access)
  3. In Azure, click the New button and search for "bot"
  4. Select Bot Channels Registration and click Create
  5. Name your bot the same name you used in the AtBot Admin Portal
  6. Select the Subscription, Resource Group, Location and Pricing tier for your bot
  7. Paste the messaging endpoint in that you copied from the AtBot Admin Portal and click Create
  8. Creating the bot registration in Azure can take some time. Once it's finished, find the bot in the Bot Services panel
  9. Open the bot registration and click on Settings
  10. Optionally upload a bot icon and save the bot
  11. Browse to the Resource Group you deployed the bot to
  12. Under the Settings section, select "Deployments" and then select deployment name of your Bot Service
  13. Copy the APPID and APPSECRET under the Inputs section.
  14. Go back to the bot edit screen in the AtBot Admin Portal
  15. Paste in the App ID and App Password you copied from the Bot Framework Registration

Once you have finished these steps, your bot registration is complete.

Note: in order to load your bot into Teams, Direct Line or SMS (Twilio), you will need to enable those channels through Microsoft Bot Framework