Web Bots in AtBot are custom bots that you register with the Microsoft Bot Framework which use the AtBot platform for their logic. Web Bots are for public facing anonymous users and can be integrated into your public site or application using Direct Line or via SMS (Twilio).

Creating Web Bots

In the admin portal from the Web Bots screen, click New WebBot, give your bot a name and click Create.

Bot Details

Bot Name
The bot name for use in the admin portal only
Optionally add additional Contributors to the bot. Contributors will be able to edit all settings of the bot. Search for contributors by UPN.

Bot Registration

There are 2 types of registration. A single bot can be configured in Microsoft Bot Framework and Alexa, providing a single bot across web, SMS and Voice.

For web and SMS, see Bot Framework Registration

For Alexa, see Alexa Registration


Manage the categories that this Web Bot will have available to it. These categories determine all the skills this bot will have.

Because users are not authenticated, no permissions settings will be honored for categories that are added. Be sure to only add categories with skills you wish anonymous users to perform.

To Add a category, find the category in the Categories dropdown list and click Add Category

Help & Messages

Help Heading
The heading displayed on the first help card in the Help carousel
Help Message
The body of the first help card. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in this message
Welcome Message
The message sent to users when they first interact with the bot. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in this message
Default Message
The message sent to users when no skill or answer is found. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in this message

QnA Maker

See QnA Maker Integration

Deploying Your Web Bot

See Deploying to Web & Apps to learn how to deploy your Web Bot to your users.