Setting up the connection between your AtBot bots and Alexa is simple and will just take a few minutes. The video below is a walk-through, start to finish, on registering your bot with Alexa.

1. Create your Alexa Skill

You will need to have an Amazon Developer account in order to create Alexa skills. Start off by logging in to Amazon Skills Kit and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Create Skill
  2. Give your skill a name and select Custom as the type of skill. Click Create Skill
  3. Select the Start from scratch template and click Choose
  4. Now we need the Alexa skill ID in order to hook this skill up to your AtBot bot.
    1. In the navigation at the top of the Alexa developer console, click Your Skills
    2. In the list of skills, click View Skill ID under the title of your skill
    3. Copy the skill ID, it will look like amzn1.ask.skill.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Register your Skill with AtBot

These steps are done inside your Web Bot > Alexa Registration in the AtBot Admin Portal.

  1. Paste the Alexa Skill ID you copied from the above steps into the Alexa Skill Id box
  2. Copy the Messaging Endpoint and Alexa Skill JSON. Both of these values will be used in different places when we head back over to the Alexa developer console
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Bot

3. Alexa Endpoint Configuration

Navigate back to your skill in the Alexa developer console by clicking on its name from the list of skills

  1. On the left navigation in your skill, click on Endpoint
  2. Select the service endpoint type HTTPS
  3. Under the Default Region, paste the Messaging Endpoint you copied from the AtBot portal
  4. Under SSL Certificate Type, select My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority

4. Alexa Interface Configuration

  1. On the left navigation in your skill, click on Interfaces
  2. Enable the interface for Alexa Presentation Language

APL is required since AtBot uses this for Get Choice and Get Choice List when the Alexa device has a screen

5. Alexa Skill JSON

  1. On the left navigation in your skill, under Interaction Model, click on JSON Editor
  2. Paste the Skill JSON you copied from the AtBot portal
  3. Up at the top of the page, click Save Model
  4. Up at the top of the page, click Build Model

6. Test Your Skill

  1. Up at the top of the page, click Test
  2. Next to Skill testing is enabled in change that dropdown to Development

Once built, if you followed these steps correctly, your bot is ready to test. You can use the the Test tab in the Alexa developer console or test with any Alexa device you are logged into with the same account. You can load your skill by saying "Alexa, ask [Invocation Name]" or "Alexa, load [Invocation Name]". The bot will respond with the welcome message and then listen for a command. Alternatively, you can start a skill be saying "Alexa, ask [Invocation Name] to [keyword or LUIS phrase]" and it will launch the skill.

For information regarding best practices in building AtBot skills and QnA Maker for Alexa, see our Building for Alexa guide