Once you have a paid subscription, you must assign licenses to named users before they can access the bot. We provide three ways to add licenses to users

Add Single User License

To add a single user license, click the button and type in the UPN (login name) of the user. The field will perform a search and come back with the best match. Click Add User to add a license for that user.

Import AAD Group Members

You can add a group of users to the licensed user pool simply by searching for an AAD group and adding all of the members of that group. The Admin portal will do automatic collision detection and will not add users that already exist.

Import List

For large quantities of users, you may wish to curate your own list of named users and import them. This is done through the Import List function where you specify a text file that contains a list of UPNs(login names) each on a separate line.

It's important to note that when you import a list, all existing users will be removed before the import. Also, no validation of the UPNs is done, so you will want to be sure your list has only valid login names for your users.