Logging & Settings Overview

Chat logging is facilitated through a connection to an Azure Event Hub in your Azure tenant. Once connected, chat events will stream to your event hub and can then be logged using Event Hub Capture or Stream Analytics.

There are also some additional messaging settings you can configure on this page. These settings are global to all bots in your organization.

Azure Event Hub Connection Information

Connection String
Specify the connection string to your Event Hub namespace. In Azure, on the Event Hub Overview screen, click the connection strings link. You can create a new connection that only has the Send permission, or use an existing connection that allows Send.
Event Hub Name
Specify the name of your event hub. In Azure, on the Event Hub Overview screen, copy the Name of the event hub you want to send the logs to.
Once the connection is set up, chat logs will be sent to your event hub in real time.

Blob Storage Account

Connection String
Specify the connection string to your storage account. This is the storage account that will be used to store tab content for your tenant
Blob Storage Container Name
Specify the name of a blob storage container within this storage account.

Messages & Other Settings

Access Denied Message
Specify the message that should be displayed to a user trying to access the AtBot Admin Portal who is not an administrator or contributor. This gives you the opportunity to provide contact information for the managers of the AtBot Admin Portal in your organization.
Login Success Redirect
Specify the URL to redirect the user to after successfully logging into a bot. This redirect will also include a URL parameter of the Bot ID so you can customize the experience on a per-bot basis.