The definition of a skill in AtBot is a Flow that performs some function which is triggered by the When an Intent is Used trigger. When a skill is created (or saved) in Flow, that automatically registers it with AtBot. Depending on subscription state and type of skill, it can then be used in the AtBot bot.

Head over to Microsoft Flow to create your AtBot Skills.

Personal Skills

If you set a skill as Personal in the trigger, only you will be able to use that skill. Personal skills are useful for testing new functionality and setting up skills that do things only you want to have access to (such as your personal twitter account). Personal skills are also always immediately available to you in AtBot and never have to be categorized or approved.

Shared Skills

When you create a skill and mark it as shared, it will then be available for all users within your tenant. If you are using AtBot Free, shared skills just show up and can be used by anyone. If you are in a paid subscription, shared skills must be categorized before they can be used. By default, any new shared skills created are uncategorized.

Assigning a Skill to a Category

On the Shared Skills page in the AtBot Admin Portal, you can click the edit button next to any skill record to edit it's categories. In this prompt you can add this skill to any categories you wish.

Removing a Skill

In the edit prompt of a shared skill, you can remove the skill from the admin portal. It's important to note that this only remove the record of it from AtBot. If the author of that skill saves the Flow again as shared, it will show up again.