Permissions Overview

The AtBot Admin Portal implements a 2-level permission scheme to facilitate an enterprise-scale bot platform. The goal is to allow an organization to designate bot creators and contributors who can work with their bots without having access to other bots and content in the portal.

The video on this page illustrates how these permission levels work.

Please note that the Office 365 Tenant Administrators will also have Admin access to the Tenant Administration components of AtBot, but will have to add themselves as Admins or Contributors to build bots.

Delegated Administrator

  • Has full control over the AtBot Admin Portal
  • Can see and edit all content created by any user in the portal
  • Can assign User Licenses
  • Can delegate other administrators as well as contributors
  • Can create flows using the AtBot Admin Connector
  • Can see subscription information (user count, consumption)
  • Can edit logging and other settings at the tenant level

Delegated Contributor

  • Has access to a subset of AtBot Admin Portal Content
    • Categories
    • Skills
    • Bots
    • Luis Intent Vectors
    • Adaptive Card Templates
  • Can only see and edit content created by them or content that has been shared by another contributor or admin