Start a Group Conversation

This action allows you to engage AtBot with a Teams Channel from a Flow that was not triggered by AtBot.


Channel Listing
The return Body of the List Channels Teams Action. You must precede this action in Flow with the List Channels action from Microsoft Teams. That is the only way to pass channel information into AtBot at this time.
Channel Name
The name of the channel you wish to start the conversation thread in
Conversation Text
The text to use to start the conversation with. @mentions are supported in this text using the $upn$ format.

Advanced Options

By default, start a conversation will start conversations with users in the AtBot bot. If you have Enterprise Bots, you can optionally select which custom bot to use for the action.
Target Bot
The bot you wish to use to start the conversation with. Default is the pink AtBot

Returned Properties

Message Id
The Id of the message that was sent. Not a usable value at this time
Reply Activity
This is a special scope property that must be used in any subsequent actions to maintain the bot conversation