Register Chat Bridge Between Two or More Conversations

This action will create a bridge between two or more conversations, allowing the users to communicate to eachother through the bots. This action is useful for doing a live person handoff when the user would like to talk to a real person rather than the bot.


The Participants array contains the different conversations to bridge together. You must specify at least 2 different participants. Each participant has the following properties:
  • User Name
  • Reply Activity - The Reply Activity that contains the conversation to connect to
  • Initiation Message - Once the bridge is active, this message is sent to the user
End Chat Command
A user defined keyword that will end the chat bridge. It is best practice to tell the users what the command is in the initiation message so they have control over ending the conversation.
Idle Timeout
The length in minutes that the bridge will remain active without any chat activity.

Returned Properties

The result of the chat bridge. Possible values include "Chat Bridge Ended" or "Idle Timeout Triggered"
Bridge Closed By
The username of the user who gave the command to close the chat bridge.