Get Memory Response from User

This action will send a message to the user prompting them for a response based on bot memory. In order for this to function properly, there must be some items already stored in memory.


The message is the question or prompt to the user for their input
Memory Type
The type identifier of the collection of memory items to allow the user to pick from.
Reply Activity
The Reply Activity is a special scope value that can only be set to the Reply Activity property that came back from either the When an Intent is Used Trigger or Start a Private Conversation Action.
Icon URL
A URL to an icon to use when displaying the memory options in Teams.
Accept Response From
An optional value that is used in channel conversations in Teams. This allows you to control who can respond to the bot for this get response. This value is ignored in private chat with the bot.
Target User
The field specifying the UPN of the user's bot memory collection to use. If left blank, AtBot will first try to use the private conversation data to determine a user, then the author of the flow.

Returned Properties

Memory Item Title
The title of the memory item selected by the user
Memory Item Value
The value of the memory item selected by the user
Responding User
The UPN of the user who responded to the bot
Cancellation Notice
This property will be True if the user responds with a cancellation keyword