Get Adaptive Card Response from User

This action sends a form to the user to collect information from them. The form is designed in the Adaptive Card Templates designer in the AtBot Admin Portal. To learn more about how to create these templates, see Adaptive Card Templates


Selected Adaptive Card
The Form-type adaptive card to use. This picker will be automatically populated with adaptive cards you are a contributor on or have created in the admin portal.
Reply Activity
The Reply Activity is a special scope value that can only be set to the Reply Activity property that came back from either the When an Intent is Used Trigger or Start a Private Conversation Action.
Allow Branching
When this is set to Yes, users may branch out to other skills or QnA Maker and pass the data back to this action using Signal Response JSON. See Branching & Multitasking for more info.

Dynamic Fields

The fields that show up for you will depend on how your adaptive card is designed.
On a submit type button, you can optionally supply a JSON object to be passed back to flow when the user submits. This data will be in addition to any form fields that exist in the adaptive card.
Choice Fields
You can dynamically set the choice fields of an adaptive card by supplying an array of {name/value} objects.
Default Values
In the advanced options, you can optionally set all of the default values of any form field that has an ID in the Adaptive Card Template.

Returned Properties

The properties returned by a Form-type adaptive card will be dynamically generated based upon the card template that was selected. Any form field that has an ID in the card template will show up as a property in Flow.