Generate Adaptive Card

This action generates a Display-type adaptive card based on the template selected and the properties set. These generated cards can then be appended to a Flow array and sent to the user in a carousel by using the Send Adaptive Card Set Reply action. To learn more about how to create templates, see Adaptive Card Templates


Selected Adaptive Card
The Display-type adaptive card to use. This picker will be automatically populated with adaptive cards you are a contributor on or have created in the admin portal.

Dynamic Fields

The fields that show up for you will depend on how your adaptive card is designed. Any object in the adaptive card template that has an ID will be a settable property.

On a submit type button in a display template, you must supply a JSON object to be passed back to flow when the user clicks it. The JSON must be in the following format:


Keyword is required and will be the text that is sent to the bot to fire the keyword-based skill. You can add any other data in the JSON and it will be available to parse out when the new skill triggers.

Returned Properties

The adaptive card object to append to your Flow array that will contain the carousel of adaptive cards