Enterprise, Concierge and Web Bots can be easily integrated into web pages or other apps using the Direct Line channel in the Microsoft Bot Framework. You can use the Web Channel and use the basic iFrame embed, but you won't get any control over the UI of the chat interface so we highly recommend using the Direct Line integration.

Web Bots can be delivered to users through SMS using the Twilio service and Bot Framework channel.

Web Chat via Direct Line

At the bottom of the WebBots or EnterpriseBots edit page, click the Test & Embed button to test your bot as well as get the embed code for that bot using Direct Line. This embed is based on a project in GitHub that is a great resource for integrating your bots into web chat interfaces. The way this embed is integrated is detailed at this link https://github.com/Microsoft/BotFramework-WebChat

Note: The bot on the home page of https://atbot.io is a direct line integrated Web Bot powered by AtBot!

SMS via Twilio (Web Bots Only)

All configuration to get a Web Bot working over SMS is done outside of the AtBot Admin Portal. Start by following the steps in this article. Below are a few considerations when building your bot skills and testing them out:

  • The "Help" keyword is reserved in Twilio and cannot be used to bring up your bot's help screen. You will instead need to choose a different word to use for simple help and create either a keyword skill or QnA answer to provide the help screen.
  • The Get Choice List action is not supported. This UI is too complex for SMS.