Settings for QnA Maker

There are 3 settings that need to be added in the AtBot Admin Portal to set up your bot's integration with QnA Maker. After you create a QnA Maker service click the View Code link on the record in QnA Maker.

  • Copy the GUID from the POST line, it will be just after "/knowledgebases/". This is your KB ID
  • Copy the Authorization EndpointKey (only the GUID). This is your API Key
  • Copy the full Host URL. This is your KB Host

Actionable Answers

Answers coming back from QnA Maker support Actionable Answer syntax. This means that within your Knowledge Base, you would include the :: syntax to create buttons throughout your answers.

Tip: A great use case for this is to use QnA Maker as the way to intake natural language questions and requests, then provide buttons which kick of Keyword skills to perform specific tasks.


AtBot will use some specific metadata values in your KB answers to perform actions specific to AtBot.

Adding a keyword metadata property to your answer will trigger that keyword-based skill immediately after the answer is given. This is a good way to send something like "Did I answer your question?" with prompts to the user and a way to follow up if they select no. The skill must be added to a category in the bot.
This is metadata that is only used for bots in Alexa. Adding this will cause the answer to be read and the session with your Alexa bot ended.
This is metadata that is only used for bots in Alexa. It is used as the alternate text to be read for an answer that is not plain text.