Enterprise Bots in AtBot are custom bots that you register with the Microsoft Bot Framework which use the AtBot platform for their logic. These custom bots are only for authenticated and licensed users within your tenant and can be deployed to Teams or integrated into your intranet portal or applications using Direct Line.

Creating Enterprise Bots

In the admin portal from the Enterprise Bots screen, click New Enterprise Bot, give your bot a name and click Create.

Bot Details

Bot Name
The bot handle that identifies the bot. If this bot can be interacted with in Teams Channels, this is the @name of the bot.
Bot Description
The description that is used in the Teams app package manifest.
Bot Icon
The icon that will be packaged in the Teams app package.
Note: Make sure this is the same image you use when registering the bot with Bot Framework as there are some places where this one is used and some where the Bot Framework one is used.
Bot Background Color
The background color of the icon to be included in the Teams app package manifest
Bot Package Version
The version number of the bot package. This value is required when packaging for Teams and you must increment it when upgrading your package. It must be in the format N.N.N where N is a number.
Require Login to Teams
If unchecked, Teams users will not be asked to log in and they will be identified by their Teams user ID. Direct Line users will always require login.
Optionally add additional Contributors to the bot. Contributors will be able to edit all settings of the bot. Search for contributors by UPN.

Bot Registration

See Bot Framework Registration.

Teams Call Settings

See Teams Call Settings for Enterprise Bots.


Manage the categories that an Enterprise Bot will have available to it. These categories determine all the skills this bot will have. Users will only have access to the skills in categories they have access to based on the category permission settings.

To Add a category, find the category in the Categories drop-down list and click Add Category

Help & Messages

Help Heading
The heading displayed on the first help card in the Help carousel
Help Message
The body of the first help card. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in this message
Welcome Message
The message sent to users when they first interact with the bot. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in the free-form text message. You may optionally select a skill to run when the bot first opens.
Default Message
The message sent to users when no skill or answer is found. Actionable Answer syntax is supported in the free-form text message. You may optionally select a skill to run when no other skill or answer is found. If a skill is selected, you will find the text submitted by the user in the Command Text property in your flow.

Hint Settings

When deploying your bot to teams, you can optionally add hints to the "What can I say" menu. This menu is drop down that shows up when you start chatting with a bot.

Generate Keyword Hints
Automatically generate hints based on the Keyword-based skills in the categories of the bot
Custom Hints
Separate each custom hint on a new line. Hints longer than 32 characters will be truncated.

QnA Maker

See QnA Maker Integration

Deploying to Microsoft Teams

See Package for Microsoft Teams to see how to deploy your Enterprise Bot to Microsoft Teams

Deploying to Web & Apps

See Deploying to Web & Apps