Agents are the bots that a Concierge Bot will communicate with to fulfill user requests and answer questions. This is all orchestrated by a well trained LUIS app that knows where to direct questions.

Selecting a LUIS App

From the Concierge Bot edit screen, click the Agent Bot Configuration tab. Click on Select LUIS App to configure the LUIS app to use for the Concierge Bot.

LUIS Connection
Select the connection to use that has access to the LUIS app you wish to use.
Select the LUIS App to use that contains the intents that will route questions to the appropriate agent.


Once a LUIS App is selected, this section will show all of the Intents available to assign to agents. The intent will be outlined in blue if it has been assigned correctly.

Add an Agent Bot

Web Bots
Select the Web Bot you wish to be an agent
External Bots
Select the External Bot you wish to be an agent
Enterprise Bot
Select the Enterprise Bot you wish to be an agent.
Note that Web Bots and Enterprise Bots must have a Direct Line Channel configuration with the keys stored in their configuration.

Agent Bot Intent Config

Selected Intents
Select all intents from the LUIS App that should be routed to this bot.
Operator Mode
If checked, the agent will retain scope until the user clicks a UI button to disengage. This mode should only be used with bots where you are not able to send the EndSkill event.

End Skill Command

Any bot that is an agent and not using Operator Mode will have to send an event back to the Concierge when it is ready to pass scope back. If you are building your bots in AtBot, then you can use the Send Event flow action or the Signal Response JSON in the Send Reply action. In either of those, you will send a JSON object that looks like this: {"EndSkill":"true"}.

If you have built a custom bot using Microsoft Bot Framework code, you can see the External Bot documentation for an example of how to send the EndSkill event.