AtBot Free

By default, new users of AtBot in Teams are using the free version. This is also the version they will use when either their trial expires or their subscription is canceled.


  • Personal skill limit of 3 per user
  • Shared skill limit of 6 per tenant
  • Only basic AtBot action support in PowerAutomate
  • No use of the Admin Portal

Upgrade Credit

When you upgrade a tenant to Premium, we provide a $25 credit to try AtBot out risk free. To perform the upgrade, you must be a Global Admin in your Office 365 tenant.

AtBot Premium

AtBot Premium is the most powerful no-code bot platform on the planet. You are charge for consumption of the bots, so you only ever pay for what you use.


  • Shared Skill Administration
    • Create categories for skills
    • Set permissions on categories using Azure AD groups
    • Manage who can use/see what shared skills through category assignment
  • Customize help dialogs
  • Personal skill limit increased to 10 per-user
  • Shared skill limit removed
  • Rich card support with a drag-and-drop card builder
  • Enterprise Bots
    • Create and manage custom bots that are branded for your organization
    • Bots are powered by the AtBot platform
    • Native integration with Microsoft QnA Maker
    • Create unlimited bots to power your organization’s AI needs
    • Chat Logging through Azure Event Hub
    • Enterprise bots can be added to Teams or Web (via iframe or Direct Line)
    • Voice enabled assistants in Teams!
  • Web Bots
    • All the features of Enterprise bots for anonymous users
    • Build voice-enabled bots for Alexa!
    • Create SMS-enabled bots.


Pricing is per-bot message. You can create as many bots as you like and provide access to as many users as you like. You only pay for the messages sent from the bot.

  • $5/1,000 bot messages