When the bot Sends the Default Message to the User

This AtBot Admin Flow trigger will fire when a user sends a message to a bot that the bot does not know how to handle and so the default message is sent. The author of the flow must be a delegated admin when saving the flow and whenever the flow is run via the triggered event.


Target Bot
Configure this trigger to either run against a particular bot or all bots configured in the AtBot Admin Portal. AtBot, Enterprise Bots, and Web Bots can be targeted. The trigger will default to AtBot.

Returned Properties

Bot Name
The name of the bot that sent the default message.
Message Text
Text the user sent to the bot.
Reply Activity
Similar to the Reply Activity of the When an Intent is Used Flow trigger, this can be used to provide additional interaction with the user.
User Name
User Principal Name of the user who sent the message.