Broadcast bot Message

This action will send a message from a specified bot to either all users or a specified set of users. The credentials used in this flow action must be a delegated admin at the time of the execution of this action.


Broadcast message
The message text to be sent.

Advanced Options

You can optionally select the bot to send the message with (defaults to AtBot) and/or specify a sub-set of users to send the message to.
Target Bot
The bot to use to send the message. By default the bot used is AtBot. Can be either AtBot or an Enterprise bot. The message will be sent via Teams as a Private message. An Enterprise bot used via webchat or directline only will not be able to send the message.
Specified users
Optionally provide a semicolon delimited list of user principal names to send the bot message to. All users listed must be authenticated against the target bot at the time the message is sent. If this field is left blank, all users authenticated and licensed against the target bot will receive the message.

Returned Properties

Response message that will include the count of how many users were sent the message.