Actionable Answers are messages that come back from the bot that include buttons or @mentions in them which are parsed out from the body of the message. These make it very easy to drive users toward starting a Keyword-based skill or bring their attention to the bot conversation.

Note: Actionable Answer buttons are not supported in the SMS channel

Creating Buttons

In the message text you send to the user, wrap the text you wish to be a button with double colons.

It sounds like you need to ::Submit a Ticket:: to the service department. You can use the button below to start that process.

The above example would create a button below the message titled "Submit a Ticket", that when clicked would send that exact text back to AtBot. You would then want to have a Skill with the Keyword "Submit a Ticket" ready to be kicked off.

@Mentioning Users (Teams Only)

In the message text, wrap the UPN of the users you wish to mention with dollar signs ($).

We have just received a new request, $jim@company.com$ who should I assign it to?

The above example would @mention jim@company.com. This is most useful when used in conjunction with the Start Group Conversation action to bring users' attention to the bot conversation.

Message Support

Actionable Answer syntax is supported in the following messages

  • Send Reply Action
  • Help Message for AtBot and Custom Bots
  • Default Message for Custom Bots
  • Welcome Message for Custom Bots
  • QnA Maker Answers
  • Start Group Conversation