LUIS Connections are settings containers that are used by LUIS Intent Vectors. A LUIS Connection contains both Authoring Resource information as well as Prediction Resource information. In order to create new LUIS Intent Vectors, you must create at least one LUIS Connection to associate to it.

Creating LUIS Connections

On the LUIS Intent Vector screen, select the LUIS Connections tab, click Create Connection. Give your connection a recognizeable title and click Create Connection.

Connection Settings

The following are settings displayed when an Connection is selected.

Connection Title
The recognizeable title that will be used when assigning this connection to any Intent Vectors.
Optionally add additional Contributors to the Connection. Contributors will be able to edit all settings of the Connection as well as select it in Intent Vectors. Search for contributors by UPN.
Authoring: Endpoint URL
The endpoint URL where your authoring resource exists in Azure
Authoring Key
The authoring API Key from your Azure resource
Prediction: Endpoint URL
The endpoint URL where your prediction resource exists in Azure
Prediction Key
The prediction API Key from your Azure resource