External Bots are bots that were not built in AtBot but support the Direct Line channel. These bots can be registered as an External Bot and then used as agents in a Concierge Bot.

Enternal Bot Properties

The following are the operations you can use in Flow to affect bot memory

Bot Name
The recognizeable name that will be displayed when adding external bots as agents to a Concierge Bot.
Optionally add additional Contributors to the bot. Contributors will be able to edit all settings of the External Bot as well as select it as an agent. Search for contributors by UPN.
Direct Line Secred
The Direct Line key of your bot. This is found in the Direct Line channel settings in Azure for your bot registration.

End Skill Code Example

When a bot acts as an agent, it needs to tell the concierge bot when it has completed a skill so that context can be passed back to the top level. This is done in your external bot code by sending an event like the example shown below.

//C# Sample - Bot Framework
//Create an activity designed to send back to the user
Activity eventToSend = context.Activity.CreateReply();
//Change it to a type event
eventToSend.Type = ActivityTypes.Event;
//Set the name of the event to ChatEventReceive
eventToSend.Name = "ChatEventReceive";
//Set the value to a JObject with a property named EndSkill = true
eventToSend.Value = JObject.Parse("{ EndSkill : true }");
//Send the event
await context.SendActivityAsync(eventToSend);