Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides a platform for managing bot-to-customer and live agent-to-customer interactions as well as the capability for a bot to escalate to a live agent. And AtBot bot can be configured in Omnichannel to be an agent and then, in your flow skills, escalate to a live agent when certain conditions are met. Integration of AtBot into Omnichannel does require some knowledge of how bots are registered as agents in Dynamics.

At this time, we only support Web Bots to be added as agents in omnichannel. Since this is typically a B2C customer service scenario, you would not want the user to log in anyway.

Integration and Escalation

AtBot bots will integrate with Omnichannel in the same manner as any Microsoft Bot Framework bot. See the Microsoft documentation on adding bots to Omnichannel. You will not need to worry about the code necessary to make it work as AtBot takes care of that.

In order to escalate to a live agent, you will follow the same patterns Microsoft has documented, but then use the Custom Channel Data field in the Send Reply to send the escalation flag. For example, if you had an escalation based on the existence of the property "EscalateToHuman", you would include {"EscalateToHuman":"True"} in a Send Reply action in the flow where you want the user to then be escalated to a live agent.