Bot Memory allows the bot to remember some important things that you can recall at a later time using the memory actions in Flow. This memory is stored in the Microsoft Graph as an open extension inside the User object, which makes bot memory specific to each user. The schema for bot memory detailed below can be used to push memory into the bot from other sources. This would allow you to provide memory items that the user may have not interacted with yet (support tickets, events, document links, etc...)

In order to use the bot memory operations, you must provide admin consent to the AtBot Plus application registration. This is done on the Subscription page in AtBot Admin.

Bot Memory Schema

"@data.type": "#microsoft.graph.openTypeExtension",
"s": {
    "MemoryType": [
            "i": 1,
            "t": "Title",
            "v": "Value"
            "i": 2,
            "t": "Title",
            "v": "Value"
"extensionName": "ai.atbot.memory",
"id": "ai.atbot.memory"
Note that the "i" value is an integer that we increment by 1 to know which items are the oldest in memory. Open extensions only allow for 2kb worth of content so we will remove the oldest items as new ones come in.

Memory Operations in Flow

The following are the operations you can use in Flow to affect bot memory

This operation will create a memory item in the graph within the specified Memory Type collection. This will always just create a new entry and never update an existing entry. If you need to update a memory item, first delete it.
This operation will delete a memory item in the graph within the specified Memory Type collection based on the value specified.
This operation will retrieve all memory items within the specified Memory Type collection.
This operation will provide the user a list of choices that exist in memory for the specified Memory Type collection.