AtBot is a chat bot platform that enables the development of bots without any code. The AtBot platform is tightly integrated with Microsoft services to give your organization robust AI capabilities using services you already own and are familiar with.


The AtBot bot in Microsoft Teams is the easiest way to start developing your bot. The AtBot Teams bot is free to use (with restrictions) and can give you a good feel for how AtBot can work within your organization.

Enterprise and Web Bots are custom bots powered by the AtBot platform. These custom bots provide the most comprehensive solution for no-code bot development.

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Language Understanding

AtBot employs three types of language understanding to help users find and do the things you want your chat bot to accomplish


The simplest form of language understanding is done through keywords. In AtBot, you can define Skills as being keyword based. This is a setting in the when and intent is used trigger.


A service provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services, LUIS is a natural language understanding API that allows for deep understanding of user intent. In AtBot, you can alternatively define your Skills based on LUIS intents.

QnA Maker

A service provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services, QnA Maker is another natural language understanding API that allows for fairly shallow yet wide understanding of user intent. Instead of being integrated at the Flow trigger level, QnA Maker integration is only supported in Enterprise and Web Bots and is integrated as a 1:1 connection between QnAM Knowledge Base and Bot.

Logic Execution

Once an intent is understood by AtBot, a keyword was entered, a LUIS intent was found or a QnA Maker question was asked, AtBot can then go to work using either an answer from QnA Maker or kicking off a Skill (Flow).

Flow Skill

Microsoft Flow is the engine used to create skills in AtBot. By leveraging Flow, AtBot's capabilities will continue to grow as Flow adds more integrations with popular enterprise services.

If a keyword or LUIS intent is found in the text sent by the user, that will kick off the Skill designed in Flow. The user will remain within that skill until no more Get Response type actions are sent to them.

QnA Maker Answers

If an answer is found in QnA Maker based on the input from the user, that answer's text will be sent to them. These answers support Actionable Answer syntax in which you can embed buttons which can kick off keyword based Skills.